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Expanding Agent P100 - 翻译中...

Expanding Agent P100 - 翻译中...

Excellent expanding to polyester fibres while accelerates dyestuffs migrating into polyester fibres that achieves dyeing at 100℃ with blends of polyester and other fibres. HT- P100 can prevent crease marks and repair creases.

[Main composition]
Aromatic compound emulsion.

[General properties]

Appearance: milky white liquid
Ionicity: anionic/nonionic
pH: 6±1
Solubility: easily soluble in cool water

[Product features]

1. Excellent acceleration and migration, especially suitable for medium and deep shade dyeing of polyester to obtain good leveling.
2. Excellent expanding that most dyestuffs can achieve or approach dying shade at 130℃.
3. Repairing agent to shade spots.
4. Good leveling to blends of polyester and other fibres with leveling agent.


Suitable for polyester dyeing at 100℃ with disperse dyestuffs.
Disperse dyestuff: X%
HT-P100:    2-4% (O.W.F)
Adjust pH to 5.0-6.0 → 100-115℃ × 30-60 min → cool down and rinse

[Packaging and storage]
125 kg/polyethylene drum, 12 months in sealed container at room temperature.

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