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دیگر جنرل آلات

  • Defoaming Agent 910 - 翻译中...Defoaming Agent 910 - 翻译中...February 8, 2017Directly add HT-910 into the foaming system to guarantee its even dispersing. According to the system that has a higher foaming system (>60℃), it is suggested to add HT- 910 in the system before 60℃ to ensure its best performance with even dispersing.مزید پڑھیں
  • Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025 - 翻译中...Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025 - 翻译中...February 8, 2017HT-1025 is a special bath anti-creasing agent, which efficiently reduces the friction between fibres and fibres-dyeing tank that prevents creases or scratches, due to its smoothing and softening effec...مزید پڑھیں
  • Textile Detergent 209 - 翻译中...Textile Detergent 209 - 翻译中...February 8, 2017The main component of textile detergent is a surfactant. The surfactant is a kind of organic compounds that contain both hydrophilic and lipophilic group in the molecular structure.مزید پڑھیں
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