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Terpolymer Silicone Softener SR - 翻译中...

Terpolymer Silicone Softener SR - 翻译中...

This product is the special textile softener which is developed by the most advanced organic silicone modified technology. It has brand new Modified organic silicon chemistry structure, coupled with double modified functional groups, can give fabric smoothness and washable silk handle. This product design especially for fluoride system with easy decontamination finishing, it can apply to all kinds of fabric with fluorine-containing soil release finish agent, effectively improve the handle and does not affect the decontamination effect.

[Main composition]
Modified organic silicone

[General properties]

Appearance:   yellow transparent solution
Ionicity:       weak cation
PH:           5 ~ 8
Solubility:      soluble in water

[Product features]

1. Will not affect decontamination effect.
2. Can used with fluorine series decontamination finishing agent and blank resins at the same time.
3. Has excellent compatibility with fabrics auxiliaries, such as cationic softener, etc.
4. Provide soft, smooth and washable handle.
5. Low yellowing, especially applicable to add white/light color fabric.
6. Widely used and easy to use, can be used for pad, dipping and spray drying technology.


This product can be applied to different types of fibers (such as cotton, wool, viscose fiber, synthetic fiber, etc.) and all kinds of fabric, compare with general amino modified silicone softener it has more smooth and better low yellowing effect. Dilute with water than can be applied to general fabric after treatment, the diluted product, no matter the dip or padding process, can play its superior effect.

[Packaging and storage]
125 kg/polyethylene drum, sealed and stored in a cool and dry place, quality guarantee period 6 months.

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